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The Pontiac News is the place to share with the community news of your special event. There is no charge to publish a news item in The Pontiac News. Our Advertising Department will be happy to help you with your paid advertising needs.

To Submit a News Items
We ask that press releases be submitted in writing in a word document. They may be delivered in person, by fax, postal service or e-mail and must be in word formatted document. Immediate questions may be directed to the newsroom, at (248) 758-1411 or fax (248) 451-1653, or by e-mail at ThePontiacNews@sbcglobal.net The newsroom is usually not staffed during normal business hours, it's best to call after 4 p.m. on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday when everyone is less likely to be "on deadline" - working on that Week's paper. 
Mailing Address - P.O. Box 431412 - Pontiac, MI 48343  ThePontiacNews@sbcglobal.net

Press Release Guidelines  -  Here are some basic tips for preparing information for your organization's news:

1. Keep it simple: If you are uncomfortable about writing, you can relax- get a friend to handle it. Simply provide them with the facts - a list or outline of the pertinent information and leave the writing to them.

2. Be complete: All press releases should include WHO (the name of the organization or individual), WHAT (event or honor), WHEN (date and time of day), WHERE (include address), WHY (purpose of the event or award), OTHER NEEDED DETAILS and the name and telephone number of the publicity director.

3. Be accurate: Please type or print the information. Handwriting can be easily misread. Please reread your release before you send it to make sure it is accurate and complete.

4. Be timely: We can't guarantee that your information will be published on a certain day, but we will try to publish it in accord with your publicity needs. Be sure to highlight an early registration date, for example. If a big news event involving your organization occurs, we would like to know as soon as possible. We may want to take the information over the phone for the next edition of the newspaper.

5. Keep a record: Keep a copy of press releases sent to The Pontiac News. It could help the next publicity director, or us, if we misplace the original.


Release Times
Setting a release time for publication is good practice. Standard release times ? that is fair to all - is 6 p.m. on Thursdays. So you might type at the top of the first page of your news release: FOR RELEASE AT 6 PM ON THURSDAY, September 6. This means your story will not be printed before then.

Community Calendar
A calendar of area events will be listed in each EDITION on the Community Events Page. The calendar lists activities of clubs, organizations and other non-profit groups throughout the City. The deadline to submit items to appear in the paper is 7 days before the date of publication. Information for a calendar listing should include the name of the organization; time, date and place of the event; admission charge, if any; and the name and phone number of a contact person. Contact by e-mail to:
 ThePontiacNews@sbcglobal.net . Questions may be directed to 248-758-1411.

Sports, Arts & Entertainment
In each edition, The New Pontiac News will publish an Entertainment Section with news items and features about upcoming plays, concert, exhibits and Sports related activities and events. Contact by e-mail to ThePontiacNews@sbcglobal.net . Questions may be directed to 248-758-1411. The deadline for each publication is 6pm Thursday the week before publication.

Living Section
The Lifestyle section includes news of weddings, engagements, anniversaries and clubs. Routine club news should be submitted two weeks before requested publication date. We also publish a Community News page in each edition. If you choose to submit info, please include information about whether you will be mailing or e-mailing a photo.
Weddings and anniversaries should be submitted two weeks before the requested date of publication. Engagements should be submitted no later than two weeks before the requested publication date. Questions may be directed to 248-758-1411.

 Religion News
If your church, mosque or other faith-based organization is sponsoring a special religious event - a concert, guest speaker or revival, for example - we will be glad to include this in the Religious News that appears in every issue. Announcements of new pastors, imams, ministers or other staff changes also are published in this column. Church/Mosque-sponsored activities that are not specifically of a religious nature, such as dinners, may be published elsewhere in the newspaper. Deadline is Wednesday afternoon the week before publication. Contact by e-mail to
ThePontiacNews@sbcglobal.net .  Questions may be directed to 248-758-1411.

Business News
People in Business appears in each issue and features brief items about honors, activities, appointments and promotions. We will be glad to publish a photo with these items. Because of the volume of such news, a week or two may pass before routine announcements are published. Press releases should be directed to
ThePontiacNews@sbcglobal.net .  Questions may be directed to 248-758-1411.

Letters to the Editor
Feel free to express an opinion on a subject in our Letters to the Editor column. Letters may be published in each issue. Letters should be no more than 300 words long, with a signature, home address and telephone number. We verify all letters before publication. We will publish your name and the town in which you live, but will not publish your street address or telephone number. Letters may be submitted by e-mail to
ThePontiacNews@sbcglobal.net .